So here are some snaps of my day out with my sister to the sea life centre in Brighton. I haven't been in years, last time was with my mother & brother and I wasn't even in double digits yet. Its changed a lot since I was last there, now with a bottomless boat, giant turtles & the octopus garden.
Using a 2-4-1 ticket we got in for £8 which I think is a bargain! I loved the turtles, the seahorses, the jellyfish & the octopus! I think the best moment of the day, we were standing in the tunnel & the giant turtle majestically swam over our heads, close enough to touch!!!
There all such beautiful creatures and it was great to look and take some videos & snaps. (for videos check my instagram @islay101) I even got to hold a crab, touch a starfish & anemone.
 If you get a chance I'd highly recommend. I always say nature is one of my biggest inspirations, I hope you find it as inspiration as I do :)

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