Galaxy print has recently been a huge trend and I thought why not try out galaxy nails! For my fortnightly instalment of NAILED IT.. get the pun :) I thought I'd experiment with one of my favourite prints and see if an everyday, clumsy painter can re-create this look with minimal fuss.
Firstly I started out with Topshop- Lead, now I've never brought nail varnishes from Topshop until this month and to be honest I love them, great variety of colours and now I own several! So I just painted Teal as a base, I thought the blue and shiny hue would make a great galactic drop back.
Then using several different varnishes I created the stars. For my cluster I picked these nail varnishes: Barry M- 66 Matt white, Topshop Winter frost, Barry M- 161 Vivid purple, Topshop Aurora and for an extra sparkle Models own- Hedkandi Ibiza mix, but you can mix and match whatever varnishes you like.
Topshop Winter frost is a holographic nail varnish, the silver that you see looks great under lights as it glitters like no other, fabulous for this look. I created this nail art with the house hold tools of drinking straws (preferably disposable) and a sponge, this gets real messy so put towel or some paper down first! After my base coat had dried I poured my desired varnish onto a piece of paper, rolling the hold in the straw in it, then through the other hole blow through onto your desired nails.

TIP- if you want to create different looks cutting the straw to different lengths and distance from nail can enhance your look.
After I felt I'd created enough layers, I just went over the top with a sponge, softly dabbing the Barry M matt white over areas of my nail to create extra spacey depth. TIP- make sure you take the excess off your sponge by lightly dapping on towel or paper before applying to nails.
For extra glimmering stars I added a few drops of Models own glitter just to give it that extra starry night shimmer. Add a topcoat for extra protection from chipping and erosion.
So there it is, how I created my galaxy nail look. Have you guys got any tips for galaxy nails? I'd love to hear them.

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