Afternoon.. for this weeks nailed it I decided to do velvet nails.. to be more precise velvet nail, you know I'm a fan of the ring finger as a different colour/texture/varnish. Velvet nails are quite strange to be honest with you, its a strange texture that you cant help but stroke!
This look is very easy to achieve, I used Barry M nail paint Raspberry 273 and I got the velvet powder from Ebay. you paint as many coats as you like and whilst wet and sprinkle over nails. TIP- place paper under you hands to collect any rouge powder, then you can pour it back into the pot, saving your powder for another use! Use a brush to remove the excess & viola, you have velvet nails!
I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this trend, the powder seemed to fall off a lot leaving my bare and chipped. But I do love the furry texture and the matte look.
Have you had a good/bad experience with velvet nails?

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