So before the summer is over I wanted to try tie-dye! I've never done It before, I've only ever dyed clothes never tie dye. Well I'm no longer a tie-dye virgin and I think for my first go it went pretty well! I tried 3 different styles, the single swirl, double swirl and the galaxy swirl. I picked too colours Flamingo pink & Intense violet, I think its better with to or more colours. Its really easy and fun todo... Ill run you through it.
  • What you need- DYLON dye, squeezy bottles, plastic bags, elastic bands, gloves, garments to dye.
  • Set up your area-  I laid plastic bags over my garden table, its best todo it outside because I can be messy! so wear appropriate clothes too!
  • Create your dye- depending on what colour your after depends on how much dye you place in your squeezy bottles. I used one teaspoon in each small 50ml bottle and added a tablespoon of salt which helps the dye during the process to cling to the fabric. Then add warm water and shake gently.. you have your dye!
  • Dye design- there's so many designs out there, from smiley faces to peace signs there really is endless options. Youtube tutorials show you how you can create each look. I went for the easy ones as it's me first time and all!
  • Elastic bands- after you've picked your design you will have to place rubber bands around your garment to create your look. make sure there nice & tight!
  • Dye time- then use your squeezy bottles, place your dye over your banded garment in away you like! Turn over and do the other side.
  • & voila!- Your all done! just leave you garments to absorb all the dye, again depending on what colour hue your after you leave it on for hours-days. When you feel happy rinse in the sink to remove excess dye and then place in the washing machine then enjoy all your new re-invented wardrobe!
So I hope that's been helpful to you all, like I say YOUtube is great for tutorials! Any questions don't hesitate to ask :)

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