Well hello there! This post is all about my university summer project. As you may have seen in a previous post DARKNESS, this was another part of that same brief. All involving a men's white shirt, we were challenged to style it for 4 different publications Dazed, I-d, Purple & Nylon.

 I was first nervous when set this task but as I got found my models, sourced clothing, my excitement grew. I hope you can see the different looks I was trying to portray for each publication! These are just some of my favourite images, there was so many great ones to choose from but I figured this post couldn't go on that long! :)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to my models, Gabby, Helena & Ruth! All beautiful and made my work come to life! So thanks girls, literally couldn't of done it with out yous!
This project has made me look in a white shirt in a completely different way.. how would you style a white shirt?





Happy Monday! Hope all is well on your end, as for me its been another busy week, shock. As you know I'm back in Scotland & back to Uni & the first week is always a blur. New teachers, timetables and routines. Its gunna be an interesting year lets put it that way!
Me and my friend and flatmate Caitriona don't ask, she's Irish! travelled to Edinburgh yesterday and enjoyed the sun, bagpipes and I visited the Man Ray exhibition, which was great. I'm not a huge fan of portraiture but it still had that Man Ray signature I love. If you don't know him look him up, his influence on photography has been amazing! He created the Ray-o-gram which is one of my favourite photography techniques!
Other than drinking mini wine bottles & jugs of cocktails This is what Gala does to you! I collected my package from New Look which included my items from the voucher I was kindly given at the #NLfashweek Look below. I treated myself and will be showing you the goodies any day now!
This morning I also woke up to a little treat from the boyfriend, every year he sends me flowers at the start of the year to say good luck, I love you that sort of soppy stuff & I love it. Thanks Scott :)
What have you been doing with your week?




Afternoon! So for this weeks nailed it I looked into using glitter. Lets face it, any excuse to use glitter is a winner and I love incorporating it with nail art because it makes your nails so sparkly, shiny and I can never stop staring at them.. I may be a magpie but I'm sure I'm not alone with this thought.
The glitter is just normal glitter you can get from any craft shop, so easy to attain and cheap as well.. extra bonus! I picked silver glitter as I felt this complimented my chosen varnish, Lychee by Barry M, I haven't used this colour yet but I love the neutral and pale tones. Its also from the Gelly high- shine range, but to be honest I don't see much difference...
I applied several coats of Lychee until I was happy with the colour and when I was ready I grabbed my artist paint brush and lightly dipped it into my glitter pot. TIP- glitter as you know gets everywhere so be prepared with a sheet of paper underneath to catch excess and then you can sweep it back into the pot after your nails are dry.
I did a reverse ombre, so its like a dip-dye effect at the bottom of the nail but you can create lots of interesting and beautiful glitter designs, the sky's the limit!
After you've applied the glitter just wait for varnish to dry and apply a final top coat for extra glitter fixative.
& there you have it an easy & cheap nail design! Let me know if you'd like to try any nail art for future NAILED IT.



As yous may recall, I spent some time in Beeding, a beautiful little village near me.  The boyfriend & I went for a walk by the river with the dog and I just wanted to share some photos of the beautiful countryside. It was fun to through on some wellies, a big coat and trench up the river. We even bumped into some swans which weren't actually too happy that we were intruding on their evening swim! I love nature and I find it a great source of inspiration. Lovely little walk!
 Til next time..



This week as always has been another busy one but very exciting! The last couple of days before I headed to London were spent relaxing in beeding, a lovely little village not far from me. My boyfriends mum & partner went on holiday leaving the house in our capable hands. It was great to relax, watch Netflix with Tigger (cat above) & spend some quality time before I go back up north! 
Then I headed to London, I was very excited to get up there as I was invited to New Look fashion week, as you've seen in my previous posts, this was great fun and I had the best experience. I also street styled at Somerset house, the heart of LFW, see post below. Whilst in London I also visited the V&A, I love their fashion wing and I also ventured around some of the Asian & Chinese exhibitions before finally deciding to call it a day! And what a day it was!
After an epic couple of days in the capital I headed for 9hr coach ride to Edinburgh, followed by an 1 & half bus ride to Gala. To say it was tiring is an understatement but all settled in to the new flat now and had my first day at Uni today! Looking forward of getting back to the swing of things.
How have you spent your week?
All images from my instagram @islay101




So as you guys know I have been in London for the New Look fashion week and when I was in London I made the most of it... I headed to Somerset house, the backdrop of London fashion week. The weather on Friday left a lot to be desired and with the heavy rain I didn't manage to get any street style photographs but Saturday I was luckier with the weather and enjoyed checking out the inspiring, beautiful and odd stylings. I spotted a lot of tartan, leather and chunky knits.
I enjoyed watching the fashionable passers-by, staring at John Rocha & meeting Jameela Jamil.. have you spotted her above? I was pretty star struck when I realised it was her, I just love her style!
I've now returned to Scotland after a 10hr journey.. not fun.
till next time..