When in London i visited the ICA for the Juergen Teller exhibtion Woo! I didnt think i was such a teller fan, til i saw his work collection and realised I'd admired his work for years & year, I dont know when the exhibition ends but its worth visiting if your in & about London.. enjoy xo



This images are from another shoot for the magazine, this shoot goes with the previous post of the film CRAWL, the shoot called Tarnish, is my favourite from the magazine, hope you like as much as i do! xo



Soo.. this is a shoot I did for my magazine at uni, with the help of my friend Tanisha we shot a model in metallic clothes 9the theme of the magazine) I edited them to look like a reflection (another take on the metallic theme) Hope you enjoy xo



So another film for my uni magazine project. for the jewellery shoot we painted one hand white & one black using face paints. I filmed a small film & put the XX- Crystalized to it. Hope you enjoy! xo