So I'm sorry if I've gone overboard uploading posts today.. had a lot due to upload!
This is my outfit of the day, today. It was a chilled bank holiday Sunday, spending time with my sister flying kites, watching boosh and blogging :) my favourite kind of Sunday.
This outfit is just for a casual normal day. I found the shirt on Ebay, I wanted to buy it from Topshop originally but never got round to it, so I got it for the bargain price of a fiver! Its quite sheer so I wore a black strapless bra underneath as a statement. (raunchy I know!)
I love this shirt with the cutouts and the cutout back makes it the perfect summer shirt. I teamed it with my trusty Levi cut offs & my Topshop gladiators.
How did you spend your bank holiday Sunday?





So before the summer is over I wanted to try tie-dye! I've never done It before, I've only ever dyed clothes never tie dye. Well I'm no longer a tie-dye virgin and I think for my first go it went pretty well! I tried 3 different styles, the single swirl, double swirl and the galaxy swirl. I picked too colours Flamingo pink & Intense violet, I think its better with to or more colours. Its really easy and fun todo... Ill run you through it.
  • What you need- DYLON dye, squeezy bottles, plastic bags, elastic bands, gloves, garments to dye.
  • Set up your area-  I laid plastic bags over my garden table, its best todo it outside because I can be messy! so wear appropriate clothes too!
  • Create your dye- depending on what colour your after depends on how much dye you place in your squeezy bottles. I used one teaspoon in each small 50ml bottle and added a tablespoon of salt which helps the dye during the process to cling to the fabric. Then add warm water and shake gently.. you have your dye!
  • Dye design- there's so many designs out there, from smiley faces to peace signs there really is endless options. Youtube tutorials show you how you can create each look. I went for the easy ones as it's me first time and all!
  • Elastic bands- after you've picked your design you will have to place rubber bands around your garment to create your look. make sure there nice & tight!
  • Dye time- then use your squeezy bottles, place your dye over your banded garment in away you like! Turn over and do the other side.
  • & voila!- Your all done! just leave you garments to absorb all the dye, again depending on what colour hue your after you leave it on for hours-days. When you feel happy rinse in the sink to remove excess dye and then place in the washing machine then enjoy all your new re-invented wardrobe!
So I hope that's been helpful to you all, like I say YOUtube is great for tutorials! Any questions don't hesitate to ask :)




These posts are a new edition to my blog. I thought I'd share my most wanted items with you every fortnight! A Mulberry is the dream and looking at their A/W 2013 collection this dark emerald tote is a thing of beauty. I love the gold detailing and the worn leaf like imprinted leather. At £1,500 its out of my budget but that doesn't stump a fashionista's dreams! one day Mulberry, one day!
If you'd like to lust over a mulberry visit their website here- http://www.mulberry.com/


Happy Sunday! So as I said in my week #4 post I visited Worthing Pier with my boyfriend before my secret surprise family meal! I literally had no idea he had planned a goodbye meal for me and just to spend some time on Pier together on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.
So as you know I'm back up north for uni next week and it truly is the end of summer. We played on the 2ps machines, walked around the Pier and enjoyed the view. The water looked lovely and clear, I wanted to take a dip if I was prepared (which I wasn't). I really love living so close to the sea, I think I take it for granted but when I go on a day like this I realise how lucky I truly am :)
until next time...



So this week I've been counting down to the days until I'm back in Scotland for Uni.. only 1 week until I hit the road! I've had a great week looking back at it now :) My boyfriend got off work early so we visited Worthing pier & played on the amusements (pictures to follow) and then I was surprised by my family & their other halves by a goodbye meal! That's my sneaky romantic boyfriend for ya!
I have summer project for uni, which I really need to crack on with, but more to the point I was shooting this week in Worthing at a car park (glamorous I know!) I had lots of fun and the models were great.. photos to follow another day :)
I also visited the sea life centre with my sister, Katie. (post below)
Summer is coming to an end and I'm sad but its a new Uni year.. and I'm kinda excited :)





So here are some snaps of my day out with my sister to the sea life centre in Brighton. I haven't been in years, last time was with my mother & brother and I wasn't even in double digits yet. Its changed a lot since I was last there, now with a bottomless boat, giant turtles & the octopus garden.
Using a 2-4-1 ticket we got in for £8 which I think is a bargain! I loved the turtles, the seahorses, the jellyfish & the octopus! I think the best moment of the day, we were standing in the tunnel & the giant turtle majestically swam over our heads, close enough to touch!!!
There all such beautiful creatures and it was great to look and take some videos & snaps. (for videos check my instagram @islay101) I even got to hold a crab, touch a starfish & anemone.
 If you get a chance I'd highly recommend. I always say nature is one of my biggest inspirations, I hope you find it as inspiration as I do :)