Good morning! This is another new post for me.. a review. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! This kit is a little Benefit bargain, at the price of £12.50 it offers you 6 mini selections of the Bright Benefit range! I've been after a good skin care regime for a while as I tend to neglect my skin and this set has proven if you do the work you reap the benefits! (Excuse the pun).
There's 3 steps to beautiful skin.. 1- exfoliate/cleanse 2- tone 3- moisturise. This has been drummed into me through reading every beauty book, blog and website out there and now I see the importance. The difference this kit has made to my skin is very noticeable and I'm hoping as I use it further my pores will fade, bags will disappear and my face will be fresh and always revitalised.
So what do you get in the miracle kit you ask? Foamingly clean-facial wash, Refined finish-exfoliator, Moisture prep-toner, Triple performing-day moisturiser, Total moisture-night facial cream/moisturiser & finally It's Potent-eye cream.
You start off with the facial wash or exfoliator, I like to use the facial wash daily and then the exfoliator for a weekly deep clean, TIP- use circular motions when washing your face to get the blood circulating and use warm water to open your pores, cold water to close. You can also use the exfoliator as a face mask leaving it on for an extra five minutes, this gives you a really deep clean. after cleansing/exfoliating your face dab with a towel and prepare to tone!
Pour some of the toner onto cotton wool and smear over your face making sure you get in all the nooks & cranny's! This will leave your face feeling unbelievably clean and fresh. Then moisturising, now depending on the time of day I wear different moisturisers. Total Moisture is a much thicker and richer cream so I apply this at night when my skin is more in need, much like a night cream and then I use the Triple performing for day which is a great base for primer before foundation and leaves your skin silky smooth alllllll day :)
Finally just lightly dab some eye cream onto you eye area using your pinky, this being your lightest finger is the softest for applying eye cream. This is a delicate area so be gentle when applying. Its potent is one of Benefits famous creations and I must say I can see the difference the next day after applying plus it smells gorgeous! 
Over all I think this kit is great for anyone trying to find a new regime, with a selection of six products it really lets you hand pick your skincare routine. I will be investing in the larger size bottles come Christmas, as some presents I'm sure! So for fresh and happy skin, give it a go!
Have you had a good/bad experience with Benefits Bright range? Let me know!
Hope you enjoyed my first review, tell me how I did & leave comments below!

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