Afternoon! So for this weeks nailed it I looked into using glitter. Lets face it, any excuse to use glitter is a winner and I love incorporating it with nail art because it makes your nails so sparkly, shiny and I can never stop staring at them.. I may be a magpie but I'm sure I'm not alone with this thought.
The glitter is just normal glitter you can get from any craft shop, so easy to attain and cheap as well.. extra bonus! I picked silver glitter as I felt this complimented my chosen varnish, Lychee by Barry M, I haven't used this colour yet but I love the neutral and pale tones. Its also from the Gelly high- shine range, but to be honest I don't see much difference...
I applied several coats of Lychee until I was happy with the colour and when I was ready I grabbed my artist paint brush and lightly dipped it into my glitter pot. TIP- glitter as you know gets everywhere so be prepared with a sheet of paper underneath to catch excess and then you can sweep it back into the pot after your nails are dry.
I did a reverse ombre, so its like a dip-dye effect at the bottom of the nail but you can create lots of interesting and beautiful glitter designs, the sky's the limit!
After you've applied the glitter just wait for varnish to dry and apply a final top coat for extra glitter fixative.
& there you have it an easy & cheap nail design! Let me know if you'd like to try any nail art for future NAILED IT.

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