So its been a long time coming.. as you have noticed me mention in various posts I've had a summer project! The project involved several photo shoots with different styling tasks this one involved the velvet waistcoat that my lovely model Laura is wearing. We were to take a hideous garment from a charity shop & alter & style it to look fashionable for a shoot styled for I-d. I cut the sleeves off, removes some god-awful sequins and hey presto! I hope I've styled it to look fashionable! I shot it Brighton beach, the sun even came out towards the end after a dreary day of rain. The look & inspiration I was going for was a dark and monochrome theme, so I felt all the photographs in black & white gave more of an edge.These are a few of my favourite shots, I just thought I'd share :)
What do you think?
Many thanks to the beautiful Laura, for being a great model & a true inspiration.

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