One of the many things I love about blogging is meeting great brands, Balm Balm is definitely one I'm lucky to have found. A family ran business Balm Balm is 100% organic, using nothing but the finest ingredients. Here's my review on the Mini Facial Skincare Set they sent over to me! 

The set includes samples of their Coconut Cleanser 15ml, Witch Hazel toner 15ml, Rosehip serum 10ml & Hibiscus face mask 5g, all in a sweet organic pouch along with a Muslin cloth. The sample sizes are great if you want to try a bit of everything and you're not sure what's for you. The regime is cleanse, tone & moisturise and the face mask on the odd occasion. 

Firstly the cleanser smells great, its very light and doesn't give you the greasy feeling some cleansers do. I applied this using my hands and removed with a warm, damp muslin cloth. The cleanser removed all traces of make up and left me with a fresh face feeling. 

Secondly I applied the toner, like many of us out there I often neglect my skin and toning is never my top priority but since using this toner its now number 1 for me! Whether its the toning or the Witch Hazel, my often spotty skin seems to have cleared. 

The Rosehip serum can be applied as a moisturiser boost or as a moisturiser, I found this a bit to greasy for my skin in the day but it was great as a top up at night, making my skin silky smooth the following morning. 

Finally my favourite product from the Mini facial kit was the Hibiscus face mask. The powder like formula just needs a drop of water to create an amazing exfoliating face-mask. Now this may be a little harsh for sensitive skin, and not advised before events as I broke out a little after using it. After using it once a week for 2 weeks I can see its revitalising my skin and bringing out the fresher, newer skin. 

My overall experience with Balm Balm has been amazing, the products are perfect for my skin type and I'll definitely keep up the new skin regime! Check them out here- http://balmbalm.com/

Have you used Balm Balm before? Let me know below!

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