So for this weeks NAILED IT I wanted to try something different and marble nails is an amazing technique, but this is marble nails with a twist! If your a nail art fan you'll know all about nail marbling, if you don't I plan on doing a tutorial of the classic way soon! 

To create this look firstly paint your nails a base colour, I used Aurora from my latest models own haul- previous post. 

After this was dry I added water to a glass and dropped a few drops of Topshop holographic nail varnish, Winterfrost into the water, its best to make sure your colours compliment one another as this will create and simply beautiful design. TIP- the temperature of your water is key, if too cold or hot this technique doesn't work, for best results room temp is best I found. 

after the droplets of varnish spread in the water you simply spray with hairspray and this separates the varnish and creates and interesting and individual pattern every time! Make sure to spray from a distance and lightly as the varnish can break to fast or clump, this you do not want.

I then added some silver nail studs to my ring finger just for a bit more shine!

I had so much fun with this great technique and I cant wait to use it with other varnishes. 

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