Hi guys! Sorry there's been a delay in this post! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and for last weeks NAILED IT, I created these gruesome blood inspired nails!
I wanted these nails to be lightly blood splattered, like a Dexter look! So I firstly painted a base coat of Barry M called Matt white, which isn't actually matte, after many coats of this  I applied the Rimmel matte top coat as I felt this would work well with this look.

After allowing this coat to dry I grabbed my Barry M nail paint in Raspberry and a straw, I then cut the straw into a smaller size so its much easier to handle. I then poured a little of the Barry M Raspberry onto a sheet of paper and rolled the end of the straw in it, when the straw hole is completely covered your ready to go! I then blew through the straw on to the nail creating the look above!
TIP- Make sure you are at the right distance for this effect! Do some test blows before as you never know where and how the paint will disperse! If you move closer the sprays are bigger and more intense as from far away more subtle.  
And there you have it, with a simple straw you can create this look, perfect for those horror Halloween parties & dress up! I'm looking forward to using this technique with many of my colours & varnishes!
Hope you enjoyed this post, anything look you'd like me to create for NAILED IT, just comment below :)

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