No. 7- GRACE

BARRY M- 154


My favourites... is another new post to my blog. As we go on I'm going to be showing you my favourites of pretty much everything, from make-up to nail varnishes & food & drink! So for my first instalment I looked through my make-up bag and grasped my favourite lippies! Now as many of you out there I'm sure your make-up bag is full of un-used products you wish to use more, well lipstick is definitely a neglected area of mine.
Lipstick is one of my favourite pieces of make-up, ever since I was young the way that it can enhance your face, your outfit and your confidence has always intrigued me! Above are some of my favourite lipsticks, all are available from your local boots! These are some of my favourites that I own but I'm looking to widen my collection, I'm looking for a seductive purple, I had my eye on the new Rihanna for Mac but it disappeared in a matter of minutes! BOO!
  •  So the first one, is Grace by No.7, I actually borrowed this off a friend one night & loved it so much my friends purchased it for my birthday! Its a beautiful dark chocolate burgundy and it goes with everything I own!
  • The next is a new Barry M I purchased lately, I was looking for a pale nude for a while but couldn't quite find the right shade, I love the golden sand matte tone to it, definitely a winner!
  • Up next is a favourite of mine and it has been for a while, much more of a summery shade, Pink Mallow at only £1.99 is a right bargain! Its so girly, pretty and it reminds me of summer days, I've been wearing it for years!
  •  Finally a classic red, as a blonde red lipstick is a classic combination. (obviously looks great with any hair colour) but I actually got given this un-used tester at my old work and I've loved it ever since, the colour is so sexy and its just perfection!
So there you have it, a round up of my favourite and current lippies, I'll keep you updated with any new lipstick purchases! What's your favourite lipstick? 
til next time...

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