Long time no see & what a lot we have to catch up on! This post is all about my experience at the Jean Paul Gaultier, from sidewalk to catwalk exhibition held at the Barbican. 

 Before I attended the exhibition I hadn't realised the influence and pure artistry of Gaultier's work. I apologise for the photo over load with this post but when looking through the images I could hardly cut some of these, as you see they show the best of his life's work. 

As you walk through the entrance your greeted by his Odyssey collection, a showcase of mermaids and sailor inspired designs. As my sister & I walked in noticed the mannequins faces were moving, through projection the models were singing, laughing, winking and showing all human emotions which was just amazing to witness. From this point on I knew we were in for a unique and special experience. 

It was amazing to see all of his inspirations under one roof from Asia to deconstruction & punk. His celebrity muses were featured throughout the exhibit with famous faces such as Tim Curry, Amy Winehouse, Kylie Minogue & of course Madonna. 

As we walked round every corner another gasp followed from our mouths, the construction and care that goes into every garment was just phenomenal.

Of course famous for his corsetry and intriguing way of manipulating the female silhouette it was refreshing to see his beautiful collections unclose and see the beautiful encrusted gowns and embellished jackets.  

With a rotating catwalk and fun animations throughout this was a well displayed & thoughtfully curated collection of his work. Also displaying some of his original fashion drawings, illustrations, photographs, memorabilia & short films. His use of interesting fabrics and materials such as ostrich feathers, ties, gems and metals just used in ways I could never imagine. 

A true genius and now one of my all time favourite designers. 

Whats your favourite Jean Paul Gaultier piece? 

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