So these images have been a long time coming, as you may remember last month my fellow students & I held a fashion event to raise money for charity SAMH, Scottish association of mental health, a great cause and we raised a staggering £4,000 through charity work leading up to the event and of course the final event itself. Were all very proud of our work & I thought I'd share some photos of the night I captured! 

Designers included amazing Scottish talent- Matthew Houston, Hardware, Mark Jones, Amber Hunter, Emma Yuill, Nothing, Danni Mc Williams and my personal favourites Conquer the doubt.  We also had great music from Jules and the Blue garnets, Jemma Kate McSheffery & Laura Marrod equally talented as the designers making the night all that more amazing!!

Thank you to everyone to took their time to support our project, SAMH and Scottish fashion. 

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