For anyone who is a huge Harry Potter fan, as my boyfriend and I clearly are, the making of Harry Potter is a must! Located in London, nearest tube Watford Junction everything you could dream of related to the magical world can all be found in one place... Hooray!

So when booking your tickets you have to book time slots online, Scott & I picked the 5pm one as well.. 9:30 am was not for us but theres several times in the day you can pick convienent for you! The tour starts with a film featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint reflecting on their time on set then just like magic from behind the cinema screen a door appears and the tour officially begins. 

Led into the great hall the tour is kicked of in the truly grand and famous Harry Potter set with costumes and props all on view. As you leave the great hall you also leave your tour guide and the world of Harry Potter is yours to play in, we wonder round the chamber of secrets, find the philosophers stone and even fly a broom a must have experience. 

The tour includes an outdoor area featuring the knight bus, THE flying car and Privet drive itself you also get to sip on frothy Butter beer as you wonder round the grand attractions. 

The tour takes roughly 3 hours and is worth the £30 entrance fee, I know Scott & I had the best time and would advise any Harry Potter geeks to go, so what you waiting for hop on your broom & fly!!!

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