So here are some images of my time spent at Brighton Fashion Week! I had such a great time, I've been interning with them 2 and a half months!

Brighton is full of amazing fashion and inspirational people and I got to meet some of them through this amazing opportunity! I hope you all got a chance to attend a show or two, they were incredibly amazing and Im so happy to be a part of their 2013 team and I'm hoping to help out next year!

There was 4 shows... The Zeitgeist, High fashion, Sustain, eco show, ShowReel, the costume design show and High Street show at Churchill square showing the best of the high street.

Benefit were the make-up sponsors and so were electric hair I had some great fun being made over & got to watch the shows from a great view, it was great fun and wonderful experience! The week was full of fashion, fun, food and hard work, but it was all worth it!

enjoy the photos guys, sorry for the rubbish quality I took the shots on my ipad! For more info on Brighton Fashion Week, check it out here.. www.brightonfashionweek.com


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