Happy Sunday all! For the latest NAILED IT I experimented with the enigma that is nail wraps. Nail wraps are a great way to create complex looks easily.. Well that was my impression. My nail wraps are by brand Nail Rock although there are plenty of brands, designs and colours out there, there's such a wide variety for every occasion!

I was so excited to use this set, never having used nail wraps before but I was quickly disappointed. 

Firstly remove everything from the packaging which in this instance included 1 cuticle stick, 1 emery board, nail wraps and a nail prep wipe. I followed the instruction closely as I filed my nails and wiped with the wipe only to find the wipe dry after 1 nail. 

Carrying on with process I had to alter the sizes quite dramatically, whether I have odd shaped nails, I'll let you decide but this was quite a lengthy process. After cutting them to size I found they just weren't sticking to my nails, pinging up at different corners with bubbles appearing and no matter how many times I tried to smooth out I could get rid of the damn things. 

I kept the wraps on for a grand total of 1 day before I couldn't stand the peeling and the bubbling. Whether it was a just bad luck or a botched batch this hasn't put me off nail wraps and I plan to try out another set soon! Keep the faith!!

Do you like hate or love nail wraps? Let me know below! 

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