For this weeks NAILED IT, I wanted to try something I hadn't used before & nail stickers are easy and fun! These stickers are just from Ebay, pretty cheap as I remember at something like £2 for a small pack.

For the base colour I used Models own, Blueberry muffin another varnish from my large haul a few weeks back. I think the varnish is supposed to be scented but I find these never really work, and this one is a let down scent wise, but I love the off- white, soft blue colour and thought it would look great with my lace like stickers.

This is one of the easiest techniques I've ever used, if any of you are nail art fans but cant find the time nail stickers are for you! Simply paint your base colour and allow to dry, this is vital, if nails are wet well lets just say there's a sticky situation. When dry place your sticker/stickers where you want it & voila! Apply a top coat for staying power and your nail ready as easy at that. 

I really enjoyed this technique and look forward to using more stickers in the future, have you used nail stickers? 

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