Hello! So for this weeks nailed it I tested out nail studs. I've never used these before but I've been dying to try them out for ages & ages!! The studs were just a cheap find from ebay, an absolute bargain of £1. I decided to use Barry M- Mushroom as my colour and these gold square studs, I think they compliment each other well.
Applying the nail studs was easy, whilst your colour is drying on your chosen finger, using tweezer pick up the stud and place it on your nail in the chosen area. I had to straighten mine up using a nail brush, just to assure a straight line. I let the varnish dry and to fix the studs on finally apply a clear top coat, apply until secure.
The options are endless with nail studs, with so many different colours, designs and styles you can never have the same nails twice!
Have you got any tips or tricks about nail studs?

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